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Random, bad headcannons.

-Jean, Ilan and Oliver grew up with Arthur since Mathew happened to stay away pretty often to work. At the time, the English thought if children were bad they should be punished/beaten. So you can guess why Ilan and Jean might harbour a certain dislike for our favourite British gentleman.

-Oliver was Arthur's favourite child.

-Ilan used to not mind the snow, love it in fact. But one day he ran out without proper mittens and got frostbite; with that, he harboured a dislike of the snowy season.  rendeer

-When the hippy stage set in, Oliver was first on the hype train, dressing up and wearing buttons with rainbows and smiley faces.

-Jean and Oliver have a love-hate relationship, but sometimes Jean always gets too attached to his lovers. So when their 'marriages' broke off, he got extremely sad (secretly).

-During the colony days (perhaps after too), Jean was an accomplished hunter, and kept a deer skull in his cottage in Quebec Fort (le fort de Québec).
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