Spring cleaning!

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So, today was the forum's spring cleaning day! Here's what happened:
• New rules have been added in the audience section.

• A little spring cleaning did happen in the archives, and so some threads or topics may have been inadvertently deleted. We apologise for that.

• Some testing did happen as well, and so some access to certain section have been changed, but everything should be back to normal. If you cannot access certain part of the forum still, don't worry, give the forum some time to readjust itself and it should be okay.

• If you have trouble to log in, this is because of the recent platform update, and so it is normal, don't worry about it.

Also this how stuff got done:

• Dead thread where locked and sent to the administration archive.

• Some topics were moved to different sections

• Clic on a bunch of update buttons and a little bit of coding

There you go, that was the spring cleaning!
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Spring cleaning!
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