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America, Virginia
Voice Actor

She secretly has a crush on Alaska. (And only hates to be called Alaska because It reminds her of him, plus its a Love-Hate relationship.)
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can't believe there hasn't been a Yukon page until now let me add some stuff omg

- She grew up REALLY FAST in the 1890s but generally has always been short. She grew a few more inches in WWII but not much.

- She has a very strong sense of justice but a more relaxed sense of morality regarding sex and religion than the provinces. (This drives Ontario in particular crazy but he doesn't care enough to take action). She's a very "My way or the Alaska Highway" type of person- not out of a sense of bossiness but out of a sense of "if you don't do what I say you won't survive". She puts herself first so her telling you what to do is almost a courtesy in her eyes.

- She has a few habits that make people uncomfortable (like putting dehydrated human toes in her drinks)

- Generally she keeps to herself and doesn't pay much attention to what's going on with the provinces. She can appear insensitive when she suggests that people stop worrying by shutting off the news, but that's what works for her.

- She pretty much never shaves

- Even though she tends to keep to herself, when asked she is brutally honest. If she can't see the point of something, she will say so.

- She has a lot of terrible tacky gold nugget jewelry. A lot.

- There's a beartrap with a cowboy boot stuck in it outside her front door

- We don't talk about her saloon girl costumes.
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