How to post in spoilers or miniatures [tutorial]

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This is how you put your images (or text or whatever) under spoilers, or for the pictures, you can put them in miniature (like used for the images in this post) that act as link to the full sized image.

Step 1: clic on the "host an image" button (image 1) and select if you want your image to be from an url or from your computer (image 2) and on the "resize" menu ("redimenssioner l'image" on image 2), you can select "no" or the size you want.

Step 2: hit the send button and wait, once it's done you will be greeted with 3 link(image 3). The first one is the miniature link. Copy and paste it in your post if you want to use the miniature link. If you want to use spoilers, copy and paste the the 2nd link into your post.

Step 3: If you choose to put your image in spoilers, you now need to highlight your image link and then clic on the spoiler button.(image 4) It will ask you for a title(image 5), you can write anything, I recommend "show image", "show text", etc.

PS: if you want to put a text under spoiler, simply highlight the text and clic the spoiler button like explained in step 3.

PSS: if you want to do it manually, put you text or picture between [spoiler*] and [/spoiler*] (no star).

PSSS: if you want to put your image manually, but your image link between [img*]and[/img*] (no star).
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How to post in spoilers or miniatures [tutorial]
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