PC x Inside Out Emotions

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Have any of you seen that Disney/Pixar movie, Inside Out? (I know I have!) For those of you who don't know, it's about what kind of things go on inside our minds, acted out by five emotions - Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Joy and Fear.

I had a thought this morning about which emotions would play the most part in the minds of each of the IAMP/PC provinces. I took their personalities from Sherry's bios and drawings into consideration when I thought these up. Here's my list:

British Columbia - Joy/Anger/Disgust

Alberta - Joy/Fear/Anger

Saskatchewan - Joy/Fear

Manitoba - Anger

Ontario - Joy/Anger/Fear

Quebec - Anger/Disgust

New Brunswick - Joy/Sadness/Fear

Nova Scotia - Joy/Fear/Disgust

Newfoundland - Joy/Sadness

Prince Edward Island - Joy/Anger/Disgust

Yukon - Sadness/Anger

Northwest Territories - Joy/Sadness

Nunavut - Joy

Have you got your own ideas as to which emotions rule each province the most?
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PC x Inside Out Emotions
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